LHSF Staff Listing

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London Health Sciences Foundation Staff Listing

Title/Area Name Ext
President John MacFarlane 58482
Chief Executive Officer Dan Ross 58415
Chief Operating Officer Evelyn Salhani 58526
Executive Assistant Nancy Foran 58411
Office Administrator and Reception Donna Lee 58409
Campaign Events
Manager - Campaign Events Diane Rawlins 52498
Development Assistant, Campaign Events Sue Birtch 55492
Community Events
Manager, Community Events and Celebration Giving Lindsay Manz 58485
Development Officer, Community Events and Celebration Giving Shannon Digby 58070
Vice President, Development Chris Boucher 58788
Senior Development Officer Simona Dobransky 58798
Senior Development Officer Christine McKernan 58720
Development Officer Gerry Dearing 58717
Development Officer Pamela Taylor 58721
Development Officer Jackie Ellefsen 58823
Development Officer Shawna Ferguson 58307
Development Council Coordinator Melanie Hamilton 58476
Development Assistant Julie Sischek 58029
Development Coordinator Julie McKenzie 58248
Direct Marketing
Manager - Direct Marketing Programs and Donor Contact Centre Don Murray 56126
Coordinator - Direct Marketing Karen Mote 57463
Administrative Assistant Jennifer McKim 57452
Donor Relations and Stewardship
Director - Donor Relations and Stewardship Janet Burrell 58270
Development Assistant Heather Deruelle 52672
Finance and Operations
Director of Finance Jon Harris 52257
Fund Administrator Janine Ogglesby 52364
Accountant Nicole Russo-Willis 52961
Accounting Assistant Sandra Lock 53504
Gaming and Lotteries
Lotteries Rita Fieder 519.200.9005
Dream Lottery Manager Shawn Peters 58481
Gift Processing
Senior Gift Administrator Jane Shields 52466
Gift Processor Maureen Lukas 52794
Gift Administrator Kerry Bruce 55964
Gift Processing Customer Service 1-866-540-5473
Information Management
User Support Analyst Karen Bethell 53024
Systems Programmer Analyst Todd Crowe 57464
Data Analyst Katherine Wonfor 52982
Marketing, Communications, Strategic Partnerships
Vice President - Marketing, Communications and Strategic Partnerships Michelle Hancock 58073
Marketing and Communications
Director - Marketing and Communications Kathleen Barnard 58719
Senior Marketing and Communications Specialist Matthew Brown 52017
Senior Marketing and Communications Specialist Angela Franceschino 55135
Marketing and Communications Specialist - Events Stephanie Saunders 57445
Marketing and Communications Assistant Maria Skale Glavac 58812
Planned Giving
Director - Planned and Memorial Giving Colleen DeJager 58416
Planned Giving Officer Lisa Mazurek 58785
Development Assistant Diane Bates 58487
Public Relations
Manager - Public Relations Alexander Peterson 58527
Development Researcher David Pennington 53599
Signature Events and Sponsorship
Manager, Signature Events Tara Brady 58398
Development Officer, Corporate Sponsorship Nneka Allen 58157
Development Assistant, Signature Events Vanessa Leiva 58433
Development Coordinator, Signature Events Lori Watson 58282