Dream Lottery

Dream Lottery

Dream Lottery is a great way to help improve the health of families in our region who rely on the hospitals in London.

Dreaming makes research possible, like the breast cancer studies which continue to improve current therapies and help to develop new treatments at LHSC for patients like Kelly, who says her six-year old son felt that his mom was cancer-free only when her hair started growing back.

Dreaming makes miracles possible, like Megan, who loves to hang out with her big brother Connor and can do so because the incredible expertise and specialized equipment available at Children's Hospital helped her overcome life-threatening meningitis at the tender age of six months.

Dreaming makes innovative programs possible, like the Return to School (RTS) Group Therapy Program at St. Joseph's that gave Ashley the support she says helped her overcome stress and frustration to become confident and excited about going back to school after a brain injury.


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