Donna Bandur's Story

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From Care Giver to Care Receiver to Donor

As Manager, Audiology & Speech-Language Pathology, at London Health Sciences Centre's (LHSC), Donna Bandur is incredibly proud of the talented group of audiologists and speech-language pathologists that she works with. Donna also spends some of her time on the Neurosurgical Service and is passionate about being a part of the care team for patients who might not always be able to advocate for themselves.

Over the years, Donna and her team have learned that though they might not be able to completely cure their patients' problems, they can still help make an enormous impact when they are needed most.

Five years ago, Donna experienced that need and the impact of exceptional care for herself. A childhood polio survivor with already-limited mobility, Donna tore the rotator cuff in her shoulder and was devastated to realize that she would have virtually no mobility for weeks after the necessary surgery. However, Dr. Bob Litchfield, Medical Director of LHSC's Fowler Kennedy Sport Medicine Clinic helped her through her own time of need.

"The Fowler Kennedy Sport Medicine Clinic embodies everything that the best in care should be. Dr. Litchfield looked at my goals and worked with what was important to me," says Donna.

After that experience, Donna decided to make a donation to Dr. Litchfield's clinic. To make things easier, Donna decided to take a small amount from each of her pay cheques throughout the year. Even though she barely noticed the weekly difference, by the end of the year,  it made her feel really good to have been able to make such a significant contribution to her Hospital.

"If everyone that worked here would give even a few dollars a week, imagine the difference that would make!" says Donna.