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Rebooting a Nurse's Heart

Paul Griffiths_220x140_1.jpgCan you imagine depending on your co-workers to save your life? This,
is exactly what happened to operating room (OR) nurse Paul Griffiths, whose life-saving procedure was performed by his OR colleagues. "I can't say enough about the care I received," Paul says. "Everyone - from the physicians to the nurses to the perfusionist to the cleaners - was phenomenal. Dr. Bob Kiaii saved my life."

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Remarkable Donor Appointed to Order of Canada

Donnelly_Button_220x140.jpgOn June 30, 2014, the Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada, announced 86 new appointments to the Order of Canada - including philanthropist Terrence Donnelly, whose impact on health care in London and throughout Southwestern Ontario is nothing short of extraordinary.

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A Grateful Son Makes a Wonderful Gift

Joe_Carr_2014 220x140.pngJoseph Carr is a supporter of health care - and the roots of his generosity go back to his mother, Mildred.

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Inspiring Local Care Inspires Planned Giving

Lorraine_John_Yeoman_THUMBNAIL.jpgThe loss of a child before her prime, an unexpected quadruple bypass surgery and a breast cancer diagnosis might be too much for some couples to bear. However, for John and Lorraine Yeoman, they not only managed to get through it with their humour and grace intact, they even pledged to support the future of health care here in London with a Planned Gift.

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Hope Starts at Home

TammyGabbyAnn_THUMBNAILIn early September, Tammy Ross - a mother of four from London - was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma, the most common form of breast cancer. Coming to terms with the diagnosis herself and with her husband was only the first step, as Tammy still had to tell her children, including her eldest daughter, 11-year-old Gabrielle.

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When Life Gives You Lemons… Support Breast Cancer Research!

Lemonade Stand_THUMBNAIL.jpg

According to the Canadian Cancer Society, it is estimated that 23,800 women in Canada will be diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013… but did you also know that approximately 200 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer as well? Not only did 12-year-old Brooke Wheatley know it, but along with her sister Nicola and cousins Madeline and Austin, she decided to do something to support breast cancer research right here in London.

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Fighting the Battle and Saying Thank You

Kathy Poirer_THUMBNAIL.jpg

After a biopsy on a mass discovered behind her thyroid indicated she had a very rare form of cancer called adenoid cystic carcinoma, Kathy Poirier - a 44-year-old mother of four from Dresden, Ontario - was referred to LRCP and met head and neck surgeon Dr. Anthony Nichols.

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Robotic Surgery a Life-Changer


After the birth of her second child, Jennifer Baxter of Strathroy was experiencing quite a bit of pain and bleeding but was doing her best to get through it and enjoy her newly expanded family.

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Collaboration Leads to a Child's First Smile

Tori Kosempel 220 Thumbnail

Imagine being born without being able to smile. Six-year-old Tori Kosempel was born with a rare disorder called Moebius Syndrome, where the nerve and muscles that move the face are absent. The ability to smile when seeing a loved one or meeting new friends for the first time at school or at the playground - something most children take for granted - was simply not possible for Tori. The specialized team representing LHSC and Children's Hospital at LHSC was able to give Tori her beautiful smile for the first time in her life.

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The Right Dose, the Right Drug, the Right Time

Margaret Greene_thumbnailPersonalized medicine is when physicians treat patients based on their own specific DNA. This innovative area of medicine recognizes that genetic variations make people vulnerable to certain diseases and that specific drug treatments should work with - and not against - their unique genetic code. For Margaret J. Greene, world-renowned physician-scientist Dr. Richard Kim and his Personalized Medicine Program helped her better benefit from her cancer therapy.

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