Curl for Prostate Cancer

9:00 am
Curl for Prostate Cancer

Raising funds for Minimally Invasive Prostate Cancer Therapies at
London Health Sciences Centre

Saturday, January 20th
Wednesday, January 24th, 2018 


Help us surpass the $100,000 mark to support Minimally Invasive Prostate Cancer Therapies at London Health Sciences Centre!
Through our innovative research, we are enhancing our ability to destroy prostate cancer through novel image-guided therapies while leaving healthy tissue untouched - meaning prostate cancer patients receive life-saving treatment without devastating side effects.
Good friends Dan Gushe and Ken Walmsley not only worked together at 3M, they also shared the same birthday. Sadly, Gushe died at age 42 from prostate cancer. For years Walmsley, who is an avid curler, pondered a bonspiel that would both honour his friend and at the same time make a difference in combating the disease that took him all too early in life.


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