Meet Amazing Researchers
Young woman with a headscarf

Understanding the language of breast cancer through translational research

For anyone, a cancer diagnosis is a devastating revelation. The mind reels as one’s mortality is suddenly thrust into the spotlight sooner than anticipated. More disheartening still must be the moment someone learns of its return after a months- or years-long battle. But with the help of a highly specialized team of researchers, London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) is spearheading novel studies to better understand the various intricacies of breast cancer.

As a city well-recognized for the role it plays in breast cancer research, London sits on the world stage as a centre of…

Dr. Khalil Hetou and Dr. Shiva Nair

Fellowships train the next generation of cancer specialists

With new discoveries made in health care every day, the practice of medicine is constantly evolving. It is therefore essential that physicians continue to hone and refine their skills long after receiving their MDs.

At the London Regional Cancer Program (LRCP), fellowships give physicians the opportunity to become experts in a specific area of cancer care. Fellowship training may involve both clinical and research activities. Donor support provided the necessary funding for the following fellowships:


The prestigious Urologic…

Dr. Palma and Dr. Ward

Learn how radiation oncologist Dr. David Palma and imaging scientist Dr. Aaron Ward are working together to help find a cure and improve quality of life for cancer patients.

"We do what we do to help our cancer patients.”
-- Dr. Palma and Dr. Ward

Dr. Joe Chin and John Hastie

Discover how Dr. Joe Chin and prostate cancer survivor and advocate John Hastie are changing the future of prostate cancer care with donor-funded research.

“The end goal is to save lives.”
-- Dr. Joe Chin and John Hastie

Dr. Chambers and Dr. Allan

Dr. Ann Chambers and Dr. Alison Allan lead the Translational Breast Cancer Research Unit and are unraveling the mysteries of breast cancer and how it spreads.

“Donor support is so critical for cancer research.”
-- Dr. Chambers and Dr. Allan