Dr. Chambers and Dr. Allan

Dr. Ann Chambers and Dr. Alison Allan lead the Translational Breast Cancer Research Unit and are unraveling the mysteries of breast cancer and how it spreads.

“Donor support is so critical for cancer research.”
-- Dr. Chambers and Dr. Allan

Dr. Bob Kiaii

Dr. Bob Kiaii is the Chair / Chief of Cardiac Surgery at LHSC and is one of the nation’s leading experts in robotic-assisted cardiac surgery.

“I do this so I can help others like my family was helped." 
-- Dr. Bob Kiaii

Dr. Joe Chin and John Hastie

Discover how Dr. Joe Chin and prostate cancer survivor and advocate John Hastie are changing the future of prostate cancer care with donor-funded research.

“The end goal is to save lives.”
-- Dr. Joe Chin and John Hastie

Bob and Janet McCaig

Bob and Janet McCaig made a truly inspirational $1 million gift to enhance the delivery of care for patients in the region and transform the future of local health care.

“The inspiration to give comes from the understanding that there is a need.”
-- Bob and Janet McCaig

Dr. John Yoo

Dr. John Yoo is striving to advance the medicine of science, taking advantage of the best and brightest minds our city has to offer to find the best possible outcomes for cancer patients.

“There’s no more intimate way of practicing medicine than surgery.”
-- Dr. John Yoo

Kirk and JoAnne Baines

Kirk and JoAnne Baines are dedicated to supporting our Hospital and the amazing people who work here, but also the community as a whole.

“We want to help them on their journey.”
-Kirk and JoAnne Baines

Get Inspired

Please join us in advancing health care. Your support can help ensure that we all continue to have access to medical care, teaching and research of the highest standard, right here in London. Support the Campaign for LHSC!

Terry Fletcher

Prostate cancer survivor Terry Fletcher and his wife Sheila support leading-edge cancer research at LHSC and have a message for men who may be nervous about prostate cancer screening.

“Donors support research and research saves lives.”
-- Terry Fletcher

Dr. Richard Kim

World-renowned clinical pharmacologist Dr. Richard Kim is helping ensure Personalized Medicine – physicians treating patients based on their DNA – becomes a reality.

"We have the potential to truly lead the rest of the world."
-- Dr. Richard Kim

Dr. Palma and Dr. Ward

Learn how radiation oncologist Dr. David Palma and imaging scientist Dr. Aaron Ward are working together to help find a cure and improve quality of life for cancer patients.

"We do what we do to help our cancer patients.”
-- Dr. Palma and Dr. Ward

Dr. Anthony Nichols

Dr. Anthony Nichols is a head and neck cancer surgeon who understands the importance of donor support in finding a cure and improving patient quality of life.

"You can see how you can improve patients’ function and quality of life."
-- Dr. Anthony Nichols

Laura Briscoe

Laura Briscoe always imagined that her parents would be there on her wedding day, but when her mother was diagnosed with liver cancer, that dream was no longer a certainty.

“Innovation in health care is important to our family and from our perspective because it saves lives.”
-- Laura Briscoe

Siskinds the Law Firm

Siskinds is getting into the spirit of the county fair, the theme of this year’s Country Classic Auction (CCA)! We "Pop It Like It’s Hot" to spread the word. If you don’t know Snoop Dogg’s original, "Drop It Like It’s Hot", no need to see it - our version is more fun! 

Picture: Every year, Siskinds blends business with pleasure and attends CCA. Lawyers, Amanda Shaw, Madeleine McKinnon and Vivian Lui get into the spirit at the 2016 event.  

Siskinds has been…

Brent and Marilyn Kelman

Brent and Marilyn Kelman understand the importance of philanthropy in our health care system and are helping to attract and train the next generation of minimally invasive surgeons.

“I got to understand what donations could do for the improvement of health care.”
-- Brent and Marilyn Kelman

Nick Paparella

Nick Paparella feared that his active life was behind him after being diagnosed with a heart condition, but Cardiac Care team at LHSC got him back up and running.

"London Health Sciences Centre...they’re truly helping out people and they are making a difference and changing lives for the better."
-- Nick Paparella

A Canadian Icon

Dr. Hugh Allen is a Canadian icon in women’s health care – not to mention a dedicated philanthropist and inspiring visionary.

“The idea of being able to do something positive for people who needed help was a great, great inspiration to me.“
-- Dr. Hugh Allen

Mindy Williamson

When Mindy Williamson was first diagnosed with uterine fibroids more than 20 years ago, she had no idea what they were or the toll they would take on her life.

“It has made my life so much better."
-- Mindy Williamson

Paul and Barb Hebert

Paul and Barb Hebert turned unimaginable loss into incredible dedication to prevent other families from enduring similar heartbreak.

“Being the parent of a child suffering from mental illness is heartbreaking.”
-- Paul and Barb Hebert

Dr. Kevin Fung

Dr. Kevin Fung is focused on patient care and surgical innovation, to perform better, more precise surgeries that support cancer care and cancer cure.

"Saving patients’ lives, removing their cancers, improving their quality of life...that’s why I get up in the morning."
-- Dr. Kevin Fung

Dr. Chris Schlachta

Dr. Chris Schlachta is the Medical Director of Canadian Surgical Technologies & Advanced Robotics (CSTAR) and is helping to create the future of health care.

"We are constantly striving for ways to improve quality of care.”
-- Dr. Chris Schlachta

Jessica Drummond


Although invisible from the outside, Jessica Drummond always carries with her a memento from LHSC – four titanium clips that were surgically affixed to repair her skull after a terrible accident.

Jessica, a newcomer to Listowel, Ontario, was walking to the local community garden when a truck hit her. Her skull was severely fractured.

“She was in an ambulance being rushed to London, and I was terrified,” says her husband Jason. “We’d only been married for 10 months. I couldn’t lose her.”

Brain surgery was required to save Jessica’s life. “I could sense the…

Rhonda Scholtz

It’s hard to imagine that getting hit by a truck could be good for your health, but this is exactly what happened to Rhonda Scholtz. A cycling accident in her hometown of Goderich sent her to the local hospital, which led to a surprising discovery - her blood pressure was extremely high, especially for someone as fit and active as this 43-year-old mother of two...

It’s hard to imagine that getting hit by a truck could be good for your health, but this is exactly what happened to Rhonda Scholtz.

A cycling accident in her hometown of Goderich sent her to the local hospital,…

Presenting Partner Siskinds the Law Firm

Siskinds is proud to be a long-term supporter of the Country Classic Auction. The work of London Health Sciences Centre provides invaluable, life-altering services not only for the residents of our community but for people on a national and global scale. We're pleased to be a part of this incredible work. 

Kathy Poirier

Kathy Poirier learned very quickly that there are people in life who will catch you when you fall. One moment she was living her normal life in Dresden, Ontario, working and spending time with her family; the next, at age 43, she was diagnosed with a rare form of head and neck cancer called adenoid cystic carcinoma.

There are treatments to slow the progression of this cancer, but there is no cure.

Love and support came from many different places – from her mom, husband, kids and close friends and from new friends she made online. Kathy was already at stage IV and there was…

Kelly Tranquilli

Kelly Tranquilli found the lump in her breast on Christmas Day in 2004 and after a grim diagnosis, it was her son who welcomed his mother back in a very special way.

"If we all work together, that is how innovation comes to be, and that benefits all of us."
-- Kelly Tranquilli