Helping patients in their time of need

Bonita Stevenson


Can you imagine receiving a cancer diagnosis and then finding out that treatment-related costs are beyond what you can afford? Cancer upends people’s lives – no one should have to face the added burden of financial stress. Your incredible generosity is helping to ease that burden. Thank you. 

Although we live in a country with public health care, there are still many costs that are not covered, including certain medications. The Cancer Patient Assistance Program helps to fill this gap, allowing patients and their families to focus on healing. Thanks to donors like you, LHSC is one of the only hospitals in Ontario that has a fund like this set up to help patients in financial need. The Patient Assistance Program is 100 per cent driven by generous donations.

“When you become ill, money is the last thing you want to have to think about. I’m just so grateful for the [patient assistance] program for the help it provided, and I think more people need to be aware of it, especially in the community.” -Grateful Patient Bonita Stevenson

The Cancer Patient Assistance Program helped Bonita and so many others. There’s Joe, who lost his hearing  from chemotherapy, and can now hear his grandchildren read to him because the program helped fund his hearing aids. There’s Mervin, who had to have most of his teeth pulled to avoid infection, and can now enjoy Easter dinner with his neighbors because the program funded his dentures. And Rachel was able to participate in an art therapy session with her children – they made a memory box together because she may not be with them next year. Brian sums it up well: 

“It is difficult when one faces multiple disabilities and minimal income to manage the financial demands of cancer. But because of all of you and your loving generosity – even though I am old – I feel empowered to fight for survival, to overcome, and to one day stand on top of my mountain and roar.”  -Grateful Patient Brian