Inspiring confidence during emergencies

Simulation Centre Practice


For many mothers, meeting their new baby for the first time is one of the happiest moments in their lives. LHSC’s goal is to ensure both mother and baby are healthy and safe during this time.

Though emergencies are rare in the Mother/Baby Care Unit, one of the most common crises is postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) – when a mother experiences significant blood loss after giving birth. It’s imperative in this situation that the care team remains calm and clear-headed in order to provide the best care. That’s why preparing in advance for any scenario equips the team with practical skills, including the ability to quickly take action.

The Michael Gunning Simulation Centre is exactly where this type of invaluable training takes place.

Through hands-on practice with realistic mannequins that can breathe, speak and simulate bleeding; medical residents, nurses and other specialists learn to respond to health care emergencies just as they would in a real-life situation. In a simulated environment, the focus is on learning proper techniques and communication in a safe and encouraging setting.

Michelle Basacco, manager in the Women’s Care Program, says staff feel wellprepared to respond to emergencies such as PPH after having been trained in the simulation centre.

“A well-trained and calm care team ultimately leads to improved patient care for mothers and families,” Michelle says. “And we have donors to thank for that.”

Donors, including TD and the Gunning family, provided the support to pay for the renovations and equipment needed to open the Michael Gunning Simulation Centre in 2017. Part of this donor-funded equipment includes nearly $100,000 in exceptional audiovisual (A/V) equipment which is fundamental to the Centre’s operation.