Brand new equipment lets patients put their best foot forward

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Armed with aging x-ray machines and treating an average of 80 patients per day, the orthopaedic surgeons at London Health Sciences Centre's (LHSC) Fowler Kennedy Sport Medicine Clinic–a leading centre for sports and exercise medicine–rely on the technology and functionality of their machines. But when that technology falters, there’s a ripple effect on the patient experience, which can be disruptive to patient flow. 

Through a recent $1-million gift from passionate supporters of Fowler Kennedy, the clinic is set to receive two new state-of-the-art x-ray machines.  

“In orthopaedics, we’re trying to understand what’s happening inside the body,” says Sarah Padfield, executive director at Fowler Kennedy. “Imaging has become a basic requirement to properly care for patients.” 

From recreational pickleball enthusiasts to professional athletes on the NBL’s London Lightning, the team at Fowler Kennedy helps people of all ages stay active. To diagnose and develop a plan of care for patients, surgeons, primary care physicians and physiotherapists need to understand what’s happening inside the body. According to Fowler Kennedy's medical director, Dr. Robert Litchfield, about 90 per cent of patients coming in to meet with an orthopaedic surgeon require an x-ray.  

“With so many people coming through our doors for an x-ray each year, we want to ensure our patients are getting the best care possible,” Dr. Litchfield says. “This means having access to the best healthcare technology available.” 

Through its partnership with LHSC and Western University, Fowler Kennedy hosts a fully integrated team offering primary care services, physiotherapy and diagnostic services in one location. And since all the services required to get people being active again are on-site, Fowler Kennedy gives patients a unique, fully-comprehensive experience. 

“Fowler Kennedy couldn’t have become the type of organization it is, without donor support,” says Padfield. “Our donors see it as an investment and are continuing to keep healthcare in London on the map.” 

The new machines, set to be installed and ready by late summer 2022, will provide more efficient and accurate imagery for patient diagnoses. As with all technology, x-ray units evolve and improve each year. So, with machines that match the standard of LHSC’s technology, Fowler Kennedy now offers better quality imaging and system reliability.  

“We are forever grateful to our donors who play such a huge role in making what we do possible,” Dr. Litchfield says. 

Having access to advanced, dependable technology means the team at Fowler Kennedy can put all their focus on optimizing the patient experience, ensuring that every person who comes through their doors can put their best foot forward on their way out.