Meet Dr. Tracey Crumley

Dr. Tracey Crumley

Award-Winning Champion for Women’s Health

Dr. Tracey Crumley has delivered close to 10,000 babies in her more than 20 years as an obstetrician/gynecologist (OB-GYN), has won a “Best Curriculum on Earth” award for her excellence in teaching and has now stepped into the role as Interim Chair/Chief in Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Learn more about Dr. Crumley ─ an advocate for women’s health and expert care provider. 

What fuels your passion for women’s care?
I love delivering babies and helping mothers as they journey through their pregnancy. It’s a beautiful time and, with the right support, we can create good outcomes for both the mother and baby. Women’s health needs extend well beyond obstetrical care and we are making great strides in gynecologic care thanks, in large part, to generous donors. 

How have donors helped shape women’s care at LHSC?
We’ve been fortunate to be highlighted in fundraising events like the Country Classic Auction for a couple of years, which resulted in more awareness and the purchase of new equipment. Donors also allow support of programs that fall through the funding gaps. With programs like the Continence Clinic, women now have the resources they need to manage many of their health issues. Other programs like simulation education have revolutionized our training, giving residents an invaluable opportunity to practice for emergencies in a safe and controlled setting. 

What inspired you to pursue a career in health care?
My dad was an OB-GYN in New Brunswick and he loved what he did. 
Naturally, I picked up his passion and affinity for it. 

Are there other doctors or doctors-to-be in your family?
I have two girls who are seven and nine. My oldest initially thought she wanted to be a doctor but said she didn’t think staying overnight at work sounded like much fun, so now she wants to be a vet. I think my youngest daughter will be a lawyer because she can argue anything, though she says she wants to be a doctor like me.


Favourite super hero: Wonder Woman (As a kid, I made my own wrist cuffs out of pantyhose packaging)

Personal hero: My parents

Hobby: Interior design/décor

Favourite TV show: This Is Us

Favourite place: The beach where we go for vacation near Daytona. It’s so peaceful, I could walk along that beach for hours.