The quest for excellence: scholarship fueling new insights into women’s health 

World-renowned physician, Dr. Hugh Allen, has spent a lifetime innovating surgical techniques and improving how we approach women’s health care. A past recipient of the Order of Ontario for his many contributions to medicine, at 99 years young you can still find Dr. Allen brushing up on the latest research and trends pertaining to women’s health. 

As someone who knows the value of hard work, Dr. Allen remembers the life-changing impact of winning his first scholarship. 

“Being able to go abroad and learn from other centres was paramount to my success,” Dr. Allen says. “I wouldn’t have had the opportunities I did without a scholarship.” 

This same appreciation led him and his late colleague, Dr. Lewis Carey, to establish the Allen-Carey Scholarship, bestowed on those exemplifying the values inherent to people of progress and foresight. For 24 years, this donor-funded award has been promoting excellence in patient care and research, as well as supporting the development of future leaders in women’s health in Canada. 

Much like Dr. Allen’s own experience, this scholarship represents a chance to affect significant, meaningful change by exposing recipients to other care centres in the country and abroad. By encouraging this growth, Dr. Allen hopes to pay back society and his profession for the opportunity he was given. 

“Because, in a way,” Dr. Allen says, “improving women’s health is improving everyone’s health.” 


Where are the recipients now? 
Winners of the Allen-Carey Scholarship go on to pursue their research across Canada. Here’s a look at where some of the past winners are today.