Celebrating a Century of Impact - LHSC Auxiliary's 100th Anniversary

Auxiliary 100th Celebration

A century ago, the LHSC Auxiliary embarked on its journey of dedication and service within London Health Sciences Centre. 100 years later, they still stand as a testament to the unwavering commitment, volunteerism and generosity that have been instrumental in shaping health care in London and its surrounding areas. 

Today, the Auxiliary continues to be steered by the selfless volunteers of which it is comprised. Through their commitment to supporting vital research initiatives, patient care and education, this group represents the hospital’s history of serving Londoners. The Auxiliary has established initiatives including the Hospital Equipment Lottery for Projects Helping People (HELPP) and launching three new gift shops, all aimed at advancing the well-being of patients and their families. 


"As we commemorate a century of dedicated service, the LHSC Auxiliary stands as a testament to the power of volunteerism and generosity of spirit,” says Evelyn Harrison, President of LHSC Auxiliary. “For 100 years, our volunteers have been the heartbeat of compassion, raising funds and supporting LHSC's vital endeavors. That’s something truly worth celebrating.” 

The partnership between the Auxiliary and London Health Sciences Foundation (LHSF), which began in 1985, has been instrumental in addressing pressing needs through charitable donations. Since 1999, the Auxiliary has made significant contributions, totaling over $10 million towards the hospital's critical needs.

“The long-standing partnership between the Auxiliary and LHSF is a genuine source of pride for us,” says John. H MacFarlane, President & CEO of LHSF. “Their generous support, totalling over $10 million, has accelerated progress across numerous initiatives and programs at LHSC. We are immensely grateful to the Auxiliary for enhancing patient care and redefining the boundaries of what we can achieve.”

LHSC Auxiliary's ongoing commitment to advancing healthcare excellence and improving the lives of patients and their families is exactly what exemplifies this group of volunteers. 

“As we celebrate this milestone anniversary, we honour a legacy of volunteerism and commitment that has had an incredible impact on advancing care at LHSC,” says Dr. Kevin Chan, Acting President and CEO, LHSC. “The LHSC Auxiliary and its many volunteers have made a true difference in the lives of our patients by fundraising for critical needs in research, patient care, and education. I look forward to the continued impact of their work for years to come.”