Donation adds to doctor’s legacy in women’s health care

From left: LHSF Senior Advisor, Campaign and Community Partnerships Dan Ross, Dr. Hugh Allen, and Dr. Mark Carey at the newly named H.H. Allen Obstetrical Triage in Victoria Hospital. Dr. Allen delivered many babies during his celebrated career, sometimes more than 500 a year.

London, Ont. - A trailblazer whose long and storied medical practice spanned more than six decades, Dr. H.H. (Hugh) Allen has added a couple of million more reasons to view him as a Canadian icon in women's health care.

In an event held London Health Sciences Centre's Victoria Hospital at today the doctor - who helped establish the gynecologic oncology sub-specialty in Canada, developed more than 20 innovations in gynaecological and oncological surgery and pioneered new treatments for women with cervical cancer - announced that he is donating $2 million to London Health Sciences Foundation. The gift will help build long-term stability for the endowed fund that supports the Allen-Carey Award of Excellence.

In 1998, Dr. Allen's vision and generosity, along with that of his colleague, the late Dr. Lewis Carey, established the award which provides support for one year of studies for each award recipient.

When asked about the award's importance, Dr. Allen says, "Medical science is rapidly changing. The application of new information to clinical settings in women's health requires interested and talented individuals who are innovative and scientifically sound."

Through the Allen-Carey Award, recipients from across Canada have the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills at one or more national or international centres of excellence in the area of women's health. Recipients are also exposed to mentors of the highest quality, allowing for the further development of leadership skills in addition to those related to clinical care and research.  Areas of study include obstetrics and gynaecology, gynaecologic oncology, reproductive endocrinology and women's health nursing.

"With its unique, national scope, this award helps build LHSCs reputation as an influential hub for learning and a centre of medical excellence," says LHSC President and CEO Murray Glendining. "Dr. Allen continues to inspire that excellence here and across Canada."

The award has been endorsed by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and The Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada.

The donation continues a pattern of generosity that was evident in the 1950s when, before OHIP began reimbursing physicians for patient care, the rule in Dr. Allen's medical practice was "don't bill the cancer patients."

"Thanks to Dr. Allen's generosity, the award that he and Dr. Carey inspired and helped establish will continue well into the future, creating a legacy of innovative, compassionate and exemplary women's care," says LHSF Senior Advisor, Campaign and Community Partnerships Dan Ross.

In recognition of Dr. Allen and his philanthropic support of LHSC and Women's Care, the reception/birthing/triage entrance on level four of the North Tower at Victoria Hospital now bears the name: H.H. Allen Obstetrical Triage.

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