LHSC community celebrates 50 years of care

Celebrating 50 years of care

London Health Science Centre’s (LHSC) University Hospital (UH) recently celebrated a remarkable milestone—50 years of care. The event brought together over 100 community members to commemorate the occasion and look back on past achievements.  

“From pioneering surgical techniques to innovative patient care models, UH has consistently shown what’s possible when ingenuity meets purpose,” said John MacFarlane, President and CEO of London Health Sciences Foundation (LHSF). “As the charitable arm of LHSC, LHSF’s mission has always been to bolster this spirit of growth and determination.”

The celebration was dedicated to recognizing four areas of medical focus in which UH has excelled: Clinical neurological sciences (CNS), orthopaedics, cardiac care and transplantation.  

From proving aspirin reduces the future risk of stroke to demonstrating how surgery can improve epilepsy care, UH’s CNS Program made significant contributions to neurological sciences. UH was also only the second hospital in Canada to bring neurology and neurosurgery together in one department, promoting collaboration between different clinicians. CNS will uphold its tradition of excellence in neurological medicine, embracing new technologies and discoveries to shape the future of patient care and scientific advancement. Learn more.

Through its collaboration with Western University, UH’s Orthopaedics Program was able to achieve massive success on the world stage. In addition to this partnership, the Orthopaedics Program attracted global talent with their unique approach to research, combining its labs, patient-care areas and clinics all within a single building, reducing travel time and improving efficiency. Additionally, the team retained a huge database of patient information to help inform further research. The Program’s dedication to innovation, humanitarian action and data-driven research will determine the trajectory of orthopaedic care. Learn more.

UH’s Cardiac Care Program has become one of the premier programs in Canada, building a distinguished reputation stretching the globe. Within the first decade of operation, UH would see its first heart transplant and conduct the world’s first operation to correct the life-threatening heart condition of right ventricle dysplasia. UH’s Cardiac Care Program continues to excel, remaining one of Canada's leading programs in cardiovascular medicine, embracing technological advancements and leading investigations into robot-assisted surgery. With this remarkable history of progress, the future of cardiac care at UH looks incredibly promising. Learn more.

UH’s impressive contributions to transplant research have further propelled the hospital into the global spotlight. After opening its doors in September 1972, the first patient admitted to UH was for dialysis treatment. A few months later, the first kidney transplant was done. Over the next five decades, that number would grow to more than 6,700 transplants performed, solidifying UH’s place as one of Canada’s top centres for both transplant surgery and research. Scientists at UH are currently pursuing research to better preserve organs and reverse any damage from storage or the donation procedure itself. Learn more.

"For half a century, UH has been committed to teaching, innovating and providing the best care possible. From groundbreaking past achievements in orthopaedics to revolutionary transplant discoveries, UH isn’t just making history, it’s shaping tomorrow. "