Staff Wellness


Donors have led the charge in making sure our heroes, who are working tirelessly for the health of our community, are well-supported through the creation of The Health Care Heroes Staff Assistance Fund.

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This new fund is supporting:

• the purchase of healthy snacks that are providing sustenance during long shifts

• new scrub tops with a message of encouragement in recognition of their hard work and dedication

• a 24/7 peer support phone line and virtual group support meetings for ICU staff that’s helping them cope and stay resilient

• dedicated new quiet rooms at each hospital where staff are taking much-needed breaks

• virtual fitness and wellness classes

LHSC Staff Say Thank You

Care teams from across the hospital have shown their gratitude to donors for helping them continue to provide compassionate care for patients of the women's care program, cancer program, mental health program, and more. Check out the gallery below.

Regarding the delivery of snacks, one team leader said:

"We received the delivery and the staff were very grateful. The goodies were gobbled up quickly. They were much appreciated by everyone, and each staff member has had an opportunity to partake!"


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