David and Marilyn Conklin

Sepsis and blood clots are two very different, but very real threats to a person’s health, but now, thanks to a generous donation from David and Marilyn Conklin, new research and treatments are on the horizon for both of these conditions.

David and Marilyn were each faced with a health crisis that required life-saving treatments at London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC).

After their recovery, the couple wanted to thank and acknowledge the hard work of the doctors who saved their lives; Dr. Michael Kovacs and Dr. Tina Mele. To show their appreciation, they decided to make a donation to London Health Sciences Foundation that would support both doctors and their initiatives.

Little did they know how much their gift would directly affect the lives of patients and their families at LHSC. Both Dr. Tina Mele and Dr. Michael Kovacs have been able to maximize David and Marilyn’s generosity through two leading-edge healthcare projects.

With the generosity of the Conklins, Dr. Tina Mele and her team have been able to successfully trial a new treatment for sepsis that is less invasive and reduces the mortality rate of severe-case patients. The new treatment is now coined as the ‘London Protocol’ and has garnered attention and praise from surgical professionals worldwide.

“The funds from the Conklins mean everything. We would not have been able to pursue this trial without them,” says Dr. Mele.

The donation has also allowed Dr. Michael Kovacs and his team to begin a research study that could develop safer and more effective ways to treat blood clots in cancer patients.

 “This is my first study using donor dollars. Other means of funding are almost impossible to come by,” Dr. Kovacs shares.  “Donor dollars allow us to do the study properly and to involve other healthcare leaders.”

David and Marilyn are now living life to the fullest and hope that sharing their story will inspire others to donate to LHSF.

“Donations to a specific research program can be an amazing way to express appreciation,” Marilyn says. “Hopefully, our story will encourage others to think of this kind of involvement themselves.”

“We want to acknowledge the wonderful medical care we have received over the years. Neither of us would be alive today if we had not received outstanding care from Dr. Mele and Dr. Kovacs.”

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