Governance & Staff

Message from LHSF's President & CEO

Our health care system is under tremendous strain. With an aging population, rising costs, limited budgets and the proliferation of new technology, there is a pressing need for change. In the face of ever-growing constraints that stretch our hospital beyond capacity, the teams at LHSC continue to remain dedicated to lead positive transformation that improves patient care.

To help improve patient outcomes and strengthen care across the region, expand research, foster innovation and acquire state-of-the-art equipment, the Foundation is the architect for change in our hospital.

By contributing to the Foundation, our donors are making a major difference in helping the hospital address its many challenges. They provide hope. Hope thrives when we surrender to the thought that there are no boundaries to what can happen next, and no obstacle between what can be dreamed and what can be made real.

To our donors, you make a remarkable impact on the lives of patients and families at our hospital, thank you. We hope you continue this journey with us and continue to make our hospital a better place.

John H. MacFarlane
President & CEO