Message from the President & CEO

John H. MacFarlane

The word imagination can invoke any number of memories or thoughts. Playing Make Believe on a summer’s day. Nighttime with a good book. Infused with whimsy and the rejection of the status quo, imagination often feels child-like.

But then, where would we be without imagination? Curiosity? Our need to explain and explore has always had the power to draw others in, to inspire belief in something more—of a world improved. From equipment capable of taking measurements at the molecular level to pioneering research into fecal transplantation in the fight against cancer, medical breakthroughs take patience, ingenuity and sometimes a little bit of luck.

During my time with London Health Sciences Foundation, I’ve come to notice it’s this same drawing in of others, our shared vision and passion that brings imagination into existence. Like solving any challenge, any puzzle or riddle, it all begins with someone asking, “How can” or “What if?”

How can we improve someone’s quality of life? How can we ensure everyone gets the care they need? What if we could detect cancer with a single drop of blood? What if youth could access mental health care from anywhere? What if I could help?

Which is why each and every one of us at the Foundation is here. It’s why each and every one of you is reading this right now; why our volunteers come back, event after event, year after year. And it’s why the physicians, nurses and support staff of London Health Sciences Centre do what they do.

An entire community of helpers dedicated to not just in-the-moment care, but the care yet to come. No matter the role we play, we are facilitating a healthier future for our patients because we believe change is possible. Because we still dare to imagine.

Imagination helps us learn. It helps us innovate. But above all, it helps us hope.

John H. MacFarlane, BBA, LL.B, MPA
President & CEO
London Health Sciences Foundation