Jill & Dave's Story

dave and jill smiling on their wedding day -each holding a glass of champagne

Partners in Love

Trudell Medical and Medtronic Canada are global leading-edge health care technology and equipment companies. With over 30 years of sponsorship at Country Classic Auction (CCA) and TASTINGS, both companies have made an impact in many ways; just a few short years ago, these partners sparked a new chapter for two fellow CCA attendees.

Dave and Jill fell in love while working at Trudell. It was the perfect fit because of their shared passion for work, community and giving back. “We’ve both worked in the medical device industry for quite some time,” Jill said. “We know the struggles that hospitals are facing around getting the right equipment for patients.” In 2018, Jill moved from her position at Trudell, to another long-standing sponsor of CCA, Medtronic.

Inspired by their work in health care the couple wanted to get involved in the spirit of fundraising by attending CCA in 2015. “It only made sense that we participate. Our kids, our families all take advantage of the health care system here in London, and we want to support that,” Dave said.

They were excited to experience the fun games, surprise entertainment and live and silent auctions that CCA has to offer; little did they know how much the event would impact their lives and relationship.

Two years ago at CCA 2016, a live auction item caught their eye – it was called Pick Your Paradise. With this auction item, the bidder could choose a vacation from a list of breath-taking destinations. Dave and Jill thought this was the perfect opportunity to visit an unknown destination as a couple.Jill had won the bid! After some deliberation, they agreed on a destination, “We wanted to pick something that we would have never planned on our own, so we decided on South Africa,” Jill said.


During the summer of 2016 Dave had picked an engagement ring from Nash Jewellers after winning a gift card at Lexus of London Golf tournament. The couple got engaged in the summer of 2016 and began planning their wedding with only a few of their closest friends and family. When CCA 2017 rolled around, Dave found himself making an impulse bid on an entirely different live auction item – the Westover Takeover. The Westover Inn is a Victorian mansion nestled on the bank of the Thames River in St. Marys, perfect for hosting corporate retreats, large family gatherings and even weddings. With this auction package, the winning bidder and their guests would have run of the manor for a night.

“Dave started bidding on this package and I thought what is he doing? I thought maybe he was trying to book it for a corporate retreat for work,” Jill explained. It turned out that Dave was bidding on this package for their wedding in July 2018. “We were just having a great time at CCA, and I started thinking how cool it would be to have all our friends and family stay overnight, have dinner and have a wedding,” Dave explained. A small wedding turned big in just a few short minutes when Dave won the bid!

Photo 2018-09-14, 2 00 58 PM.jpg   Photo 2018-09-14, 1 27 04 PM.jpg

Fast forward to the big day when the couple and their guests enjoyed delicious food, great music and an unforgettable party courtesy of the Westover Inn. “It was incredible,” they boasted. “The facility was fantastic. They did a great job.”

It was less than a month later when Dave and Jill were ready to embark on their honeymoon in South Africa, thanks to Pick Your Paradise. They explored the city of Johannesburg before flying to their safari destination. The safari resort was unlike anything they had ever seen. From their patio, they could see monkeys, impalas and zebras. The couple enjoyed two safari drives a day, each one more spectacular than the last. “The safari itself was amazing.” they said. “The tour guide knew absolutely everything. We saw all the animals including the big 5 with the exception for a leopard.”

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After a stunning wedding and the perfect honeymoon, the couple thinks everyone should attend CCA at least once. “It’s just a super fun night, “said Dave. “It’s a great community event – if you haven’t been, you definitely have to go.”

For over 30 years, CCA donors like Dave and Jill - and sponsors like Trudell and Medtronic - have helped ensure patients receive the best possible care at London Health Sciences Centre. By raising funds for critical patient care and research, CCA attendees continue to make a big difference.