The Orthopaedics Program

Orthopaedic Imaging

The Orthopaedics Program at London Health Sciences Centre is multi-faceted, with separate yet connected Clinical Teaching Units that treat a wide variety of patients, including young people, athletes and others who may have suffered sports injuries, illness or accidents. The Orthopaedics team cares for patients with bone, muscle and joint health issues and focuses on prevention, diagnosis, treatment, surgery, rehabilitation and education.

The team serves patients and families throughout the region in the following ways:

The Orthopaedic Trauma Unit at LHSC provides total patient care for adult traumatic injuries such as broken bones, fractures and other bone and muscle traumas.


As our population ages, the need for joint replacement and reconstruction (known as arthroplasty) is on the rise. In 2017/18, orthopaedic surgeons at LHSC expect to perform almost 2,000 joint replacements.


Spine issues are increasingly common, with more people suffering from repeated stress injuries or other disorders that affect this complex bone system. Each year, approximately 6,000 spine patients are referred to our hospital and LHSC surgeons perform more than 500 spinal surgeries.


Sport injuries that have long-term effects and can have a profound effect on someone’s quality of life – from those who enjoy recreational activities to professional athletes. The Fowler Kennedy Sport Medicine Clinic provides surgical care to 1,500 patients annually.


The Dr. Sandy Kirkley Centre was established to honour the memory of Dr. Sandy Kirkley, an extraordinary orthopaedic surgeon, scientist and mentor, dedicated to the advancement of research on musculoskeletal health and diseases, particularly related to bones and joints.