Meet Inspiring Physicians
Dr. Tracey Crumley

Meet Dr. Tracey Crumley

Award-Winning Champion for Women’s Health

Dr. Tracey Crumley has delivered close to 10,000 babies in her more than 20 years as an obstetrician/gynecologist (OB-GYN), has won a “Best Curriculum on Earth” award for her excellence in teaching and has now stepped into the role as Interim Chair/Chief in Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Learn more about Dr. Crumley ─ an advocate for women’s health and expert care provider. 

What fuels your passion for women’s care?
I love delivering babies and helping mothers as they journey through their pregnancy. It’s a beautiful…

Dr. Anthony Nichols

Dr. Anthony Nichols is a head and neck cancer surgeon who understands the importance of donor support in finding a cure and improving patient quality of life.

"You can see how you can improve patients’ function and quality of life."
-- Dr. Anthony Nichols

Dr. Chris Schlachta

Dr. Chris Schlachta is the Medical Director of Canadian Surgical Technologies & Advanced Robotics (CSTAR) and is helping to create the future of health care.

"We are constantly striving for ways to improve quality of care.”
-- Dr. Chris Schlachta

Dr. John Yoo

Dr. John Yoo is striving to advance the medicine of science, taking advantage of the best and brightest minds our city has to offer to find the best possible outcomes for cancer patients.

“There’s no more intimate way of practicing medicine than surgery.”
-- Dr. John Yoo

Dr. Kevin Fung

Dr. Kevin Fung is focused on patient care and surgical innovation, to perform better, more precise surgeries that support cancer care and cancer cure.

"Saving patients’ lives, removing their cancers, improving their quality of life...that’s why I get up in the morning."
-- Dr. Kevin Fung

Dr. Richard Kim

World-renowned clinical pharmacologist Dr. Richard Kim is helping ensure Personalized Medicine – physicians treating patients based on their DNA – becomes a reality.

"We have the potential to truly lead the rest of the world."
-- Dr. Richard Kim

A Canadian Icon

Dr. Hugh Allen is a Canadian icon in women’s health care – not to mention a dedicated philanthropist and inspiring visionary.

“The idea of being able to do something positive for people who needed help was a great, great inspiration to me.“
-- Dr. Hugh Allen