Payday Plus Enrolment

Pay day plus 50/50 staff lottery


A limited number of tickets are now available. Be sure to SIGN UP before they're gone! This could be your chance at winning $24,000 next payday. Already have tickets but want to increase your chances? Contact us to increase your number of tickets.


How it works

  • Review the Rules and Regulations to ensure you are eligible.
  • Fill out the enrolment form to purchase your lottery ticket(s).
  • You will be emailed your ticket(s). 
  • For payroll deduction, each paycheque the cost of your ticket(s) gets deducted from your pay. Your tickets are valid for the entire draw series until you opt-out.
  • Half of the money raised supports LHSC's high-priority needs including equipment, research and patient care. The other half goes into the draw pot.
  • One lucky LHSC staff member will win up to $24,000 every two weeks! Prize amount varies based on participation to a maximum of $24,000.

More questions? See our FAQ page for more information or contact us directly.