Community Event FAQs

Our Community Events Frequently Asked Questions can help answer the most common questions event organizers have.



Q: I want to organize an event in support of London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) through London Health Sciences Foundation (LHSF). How do I get started?

A: Thank you for your interest in organizing an event in support of LHSC. We are pleased to offer a variety of tools available in our Community Event Tool Kit to help you get your event started. Once you have determined the details of your event, please fill out our Event Proposal Form. After we receive your form, a Foundation member will review your event information and get back to you within seven business days to let you know if your event has been approved. Once the event is approved, you will have access to many of our valuable tools and templates to help you plan your event.

Q: Is LHSF able to issue receipts for my event?

A: There are certain Canada Revenue Agency guidelines an event must follow in order for LHSF to issue tax receipts. Please refer to the Charitable Tax Receipting Policy for more information on these guidelines. A Foundation staff member will discuss your receipting needs once your Event Proposal Form is received.

Q: Can LHSF re-issue tax receipts if someone misplaced theirs or never received one?

A: Yes, we can re-issue tax receipts. To do so, we require the name of the event, and the name and mailing address of the individual who requires a new receipt. Please forward this information to your contact at LHSF.

Q: Can London Health Sciences Foundation help with finding sponsors for my event?

A: London Health Sciences Foundation has information available on how to secure sponsorships but we cannot approach corporations for you. If you are interested in this information, it will be provided to you once you have completed our Event Proposal Form and your event has been approved.

Q: Can we put LHSF's logo on our event materials?

A: Once your event is approved using the Event Proposal Form, we can provide you with LHSF's logo to be used in accordance with our Corporate Identity Standards. London Health Sciences Foundation must provide final approval of all event materials that contain our logo or mention of hospital programs before they are printed / distributed. Please forward all your event materials that contain our logo to your contact at the Foundation. Please allow three business days for approval. London Health Sciences Foundation's logo cannot be used without written permission.

Q: Can LHSF promote our event for us?

A: London Health Sciences Foundation is able to promote your event on our Community Events online calendar and on internal LHSC communications (bulletin boards, and electronic newsletter) once your event is approved.

Q: Can LHSF get media to come to our event? Can you put out a press release for us?

A: London Health Sciences Foundation is unable to contact the media regarding your event. The Free Local Media Listings provide different media contacts an event organizer can contact directly. We are able to provide additional media and public relations tools / assistance to you once your event is approved by the Foundation.

Q: Can LHSF help with paying my event expenses?

A: London Health Sciences Foundation is unable to pay any of your event expenses. It is the event organizers' responsibility to pay all event expenses.

Q: I heard about an event, where is it and how do I partake in it?

A: Please visit our event listings page at Community Events Calendar to find out about current and upcoming events. If you are not able to find the information you are looking for, please contact Lindsay Manz at or Shannon Digby at in the Community Events department.

Q: Can you mail our event information out to your donors?

A: Unfortunately, LHSF cannot mail event information out to our existing donors.

Q: Can you help us find a venue for our event?

A: London Health Sciences Foundation unfortunately cannot help source an event venue for you. There are some great resources on-line to help you look for suitable venues.

Q: How are you going to recognize me for hosting an event?

A: The Foundation recognizes groups hosting events in a variety of different ways including thank you letters, cheque presentations and recognition within LHSC on our community events donor wall. After seeing their event come to life, many of our event organizers and groups feel a sense of satisfaction for having raised funds that will undoubtedly help LHSC patients and others around the world.